20 May 2020

#FindtheArtisan – The Jagiellonian Fair goes online

Many folk artists sold their works mainly during such events as fairs and expos. The current situation has limited personal contact with the craftsmen and the chance to see and choose their works at first hand. That’s why Workshops of Culture in Lublin and The Jagiellonian Fair are launching the initiative #FindTheArtisan. Let’s stay in touch with folk artists, support them with our orders and surround ourselves with beautiful folk arts and crafts! We know that it’s difficult without folk art fairs or expos. As the organiser of The Jagiellonian Fair, we have made this contact easier.


Are you a fan of traditional crafts?

The website en.jarmarkjagiellonski.pl will soon have a tab called #FindAnArtisan where you will find artisans who can be contacted via e-mail, phone or their website. At the moment, there are a few dozen artists along with photos of their products and contact data. The list will keep growing! The Jagiellonian Fair’s Facebook page will feature the artists throughout the event.

It’s possible that you have already bought items made by your favourite artisans during the Fair, but perhaps now you are looking to expand your collection. Or maybe you want to discover a new craftsman and appreciate new work? Would you like to commission someone to make a specific item and the style of the craftsman of your choice is to your liking? Are you looking for original gift ideas?

Check it out:



Moreover we will soon create a special map to make it possible for you to check where our artisans crome from. Perhaps you live in the same area and it will be easier for you to buy items from them? Are you planning to travel around Poland? Consider visiting an artist who runs an open studio


Are you an artist?

At https://en.jarmarkjagiellonski.pl/artists-2/artisans-and-craftsmen/ you will find the descriptions of artists who took part in The Jagiellonian Fair in the years 2007-2019. If you are among them and want to add your contact data to your profile (phone number, website, e-mail, then read the instruction available here:


When we receive a signed copy of the document from you, we will add the contact details to your profile. It is up to you which data we will share. You can withdraw the consent at any time.

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