14 May 2020

Artist! Let others find you through our website!

Dear Artisans, participants of the previous editions of The Jagiellonian Fair! Artisans from Belarus, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, Ukraine and other countries!

In this difficult time when direct meetings with your customers are impossible, we want to offer you the chance to promote your work through our websites.
On the website www.jarmarkjagiellonski.pl in the tab – Artists > Handicrafts Fair, there are descriptions of artisans who took part in The Jagiellonian Fair in the years 2007-2019. If you are one of them and want us to include selected contact details in your profile (your phone number, website address, e-mail address), please read this document

ENG Information concerning the processing of personal data

RU Информация о способе обработки персональных данных

UA Інформація про спосіб обробки персональних даних

print it, complete it, sign it and send it to us to the following address:
Warsztaty Kultury w Lublinie
ul. Grodzka 7
20-112 Lublin, Poland
with the annotation “The Jagiellonian Fair – contact details”

After receiving the signed document, we will add contact details to your profile on our website. It is up to you which data you will chose. You can also withdraw this consent at any time. Artisans who have been invited to participate in this year’s edition of The Jagiellonian Fair have already received a similar form to complete.
In the near future we want to start promoting the work of craftsmen with whom we have cooperated in recent years. We are aware that many artisans are currently in a very difficult financial situation due to the lack of festivals and fairs.

We want customers who want to contact you directly and buy your products to have this kind of opportunity.