Małgorzata and Tomasz Krajewski

Ritual Art

Małgorzata and Tomasz are a married couple of folk artists who make both small decorations that we can place in our home and huge ornaments that take up a lot of space. They make the impresseive pająki that have been decorating Krakowska Gate for the past several editionf of The Jagiellonian Fair, becoming one of the most frequently photographed elements of our festival. For the traditional pająki, the Krajewscy use designs drawn from their ancestors, the memories of the oldest inhabitants of their commune, literature; they also use designs they obtain thanks to the cooperation with the ethnography department ogf the Lublin Museum. They make crepe paper flowers, straw pająki, straw hats and blown Easter eggs. They are members of Folk Artists Association and the association Folk Słoma.


e-mail: krajewski.tom@gmail.com

phone: +48 691639438