Brzóza Stadnicka

Ryszard Marciniec


Brzóza Stadnicka located in Podkarpacie used to be known as a toymaking centre, whose development and character were affected by Łezajsk with its famous wooden pipe instruments and Jaworów, the capital of folk toymaking located in present-day Ukraine. Brzóza is the home of Ryszard Marcieniec who has been continuing local traditions for over 50 years. He learned the craft from his father, another toymaker. Today, Ryszard’s entire family is involved in making the toys. The toys are made of wood: aspen, alder, beech and birch. Ryszard follows old, traditional designs, hence his stall features: klepaki birds, pecking hens, horses, etc. Mr Marciniec received awards for his craftsmanship at The Jagiellonian Fair, as well as at events in Sanok or Jarosław.



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