Nowa Iwiczna

Monika and Robert Jehn-Olszewski

Ceramics and pottery

Since 1993, Monika and Robert Jehn-Olszewski have been runnng a pottery studio established in place of a ceramic tile factory inherited from their parents. Robert has learned pottery in Czarna Wieś Kościelna in the workshop of  Bolesław and Edmund Piechowski, distinguished folk artists from Podlasie. They make their products mostly from stoneware (Polish), using a potter’s wheel. They glaze the item themselves. The patterns characteristic for the artists are moden but inspired by tradition.  At The Fair, we can admire their ceramic birds and tableware.  Robert is a member of Folk Artist’s Association.  He has received many awards, including the contest for the distnguished Artist of The Jagiellonian Fair.


www: jehn.pl

e-mail: jehn@jehn.pl

phone: +48 600987197