Przemysław Ficek


Przemysław Ficek makes folk instruments from Beskid Żywiecki. His products include Żywiec bagpipes, Beskid gaidas or a range of pastoral instruments.
The instruments are made from fruit trees or black elder. He is self-taught. He began in 2009. His instruments brought him 1st prize in Jan Kawulok and Feliks Jankowski Folk Instruments Building contest in 2012 for his Żywiec bagpipes. He’s the co-founder of Fundacja 9 sił in Jelesnia and a member of Żywiec Pipers’ Guild.

Playing the Żywiec bagpipes and the production of the instrument were entered into the List of Polish Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2017.


www: ficekblachura.pl

phone: +48 880386868