Olha Kostyuchenko

Embroidery and Lacework, Stamping and stamp making

Olha Kostyuchenko learned embroidery in her chilhood. She also studied under Natalia Czerniak, an artist famous in the Chernihiv region.  Thanks to Wiera Zajczenko, in the first years of the 21st century it was possible to revive the forgotten art of stamping fabrics. Olha in her own works and designs refers to and uses traditional patterns of stamps, stored in the historical museum in Chernihiv. She recreates old costumes: shirts and skirts using natural materials: linen, cotton. She runs embroidery and stamping workshops.  She has been a member of the Ukrainian folk Artists’ Association since 2004.



www: Творча майстерня „Куделя” fb

phone: +380 939143093