Oksana Nakonechna

Ritual Art

She got interested in pisanki making in 1990. At the time, there were hardly any books covering the subject, it was difficult to find  good paints, let alone a pen- the artis made her own attaching the metal tip of shoe laces to a wooden stick. She has practised the art of making pisanki on trial and error and basong on her own discoveries.  Later, Oksana  obtained Erast Binyashevsky’s book “Ukrains’ki pysanky”, that until today  plays an important role in the artist’s work. Currently, the artist draws inspiration from Vira Manko – a first-rate artist from Lviv who teaches Oksana to be dedicated, indomitable and strive to offer the highest quality of work.

Oksana Nakonechnna was born in Sokal in the Lviv oblast. she currently lives and works in Lviv. She is a psychologist by education. Since 2002, she has been a member of Folk Artist’s Association attached to  Lviv National, Regional Centre of Folk Art and Cultural and Educational Centre. For many years she has been running workshops on Ukrainian pisanki making, including at the Ethnographic Park “Shevchenkivskyi Hai” in Lviv.  She has taken part in many collective exhibitions in Tarnopol, Królewiec, Kiev, Drohobych and Truskawic.   Her works have also been featured at individual exhibitions (for instance in Hrushevskoho Museum or  Solomiyi Krushelnyckoyi Museum in Lviv). Since 2007 she has been taking part in the Jagiellonian Fair, presenting her work to residents of Lublin and tourists from all over Poland.

ed. Marta Graban-Butryn