Oksana Bilous

Ritual Art, Sculpture, Other

Oksana was born in 1965 in Kiew. She is a graduate of National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, where she specialized in biology and geography. She began her  adventure with pisanki in 1992. Her teacher was Natalia Selivachova.
She makes pisanki mostly using traditional wax-resist method  but she also etches, creating unusual mesh patterns.

Oksana runs pisanki making workshops for  children at the Palace of Children and Youth. She also runs her own studio, where she showcases a collection of pisanki from all regions of Ukraine along with her workshop work. For the past several years, owing to  Volodymyr Markaryan she has been showing interest in traditional imprints and has started making gingerbread moulds and stamps with traditional motifs to be  imprinted onto fabrics.

Oksana has taken part in many fairs and exhibitions, including in Germany, France, Poland, Latvia, Belarus as well as Ukraine.

She is a member of the Ukrainian folk artists’ association