Natalia and Roman Iusypchuk


A married couple whose specialty is painting on glass. Both are members of the Folk Artists’  Association of Ukraine. They lecture at the Kossiv Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts at the Lviv Academy of Arts. Natalia is a daughter of a well-known Ukrainian artist Volodymyr Kovalenko,  who was also involved in folk arts, created beautiful decorations on ceramic utensils. She has received the title of the Distinguished Folk Artist of Ukraine

They run workshops, take part in fairsm constests and exhibitions. Their beautiful, colourful works are featured in museums and private collections in Ukraine, Russia, USA, Japan and many other European countries. The themes of their works  are predominantly landscapes  and everyday life of  Hutsul village as well as Ukrainian rituals. Many of their paintings are inspired by Trypillia ornaments.