Marina Kurukchi

Ceramics and pottery

Marina Kurukchi is a Crimean artist who together with her family (mother, husband and sons) cultivated Crimean Tartar  ceramic traditions. After the annexation of Crimea, she left her home and moved near Kiev, but has tried to preserve her local culture and customs. The artist completed pottery and ceramic courses and an art school, where she specialised in painting. In order to make traditional ceramics, she studies under the Crimean ethnographer Mamut Churly. Thanks to this, the beautiful, colorful products that Marina presents at the Fair faithfully follow the legacy of the centuries-old and complicated history of the Crimean Tatars. The characteristic patterns and colours of her works guarantee that her stall can never go unnoticed, but attracts every interested person who will not only want to buy the ceramic works of art but also learn more about the traditions of this ethnic group.


phone: + 380 979514189