Maria Kravchuk

Plaiting techniques

Maria is a plaiting master from Ukraine. She lives and works in Tulychiv in Volyhnia. She’s been plaiting since 1984. She makes straw ornaments, wreaths, flowers, didukhs or folk toys – animals, dolls, horses. Her works are top quality, very delicate and imaginative. She has developed her own, original style. Her sons also specialise in it. She teaches plaiting during many workshops and demonstrations. For many years, she has been running her own art studio, where she teaches plaiting techniques to the youngest generation.  In 2006 she received the title “Distinguished in Folk Crafts of Ukraine”. A winner of many awards, she has taken part in many individual and collective exhibitions both in Ukraine (in Lviv, Lutsk and Kiev) and abroad (Belarus, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Japan, USA).




phone: + 380 971604786