Marek and Adam Kozak

Smithery and metalwork

Marek Kozak has learned the craft from Romuald Muszyński  from Hermanowka. He also watched the work of many local blacksmiths, such as Mieczysław Hulewicz from Czarna Wieś Kościelna.  Marek and his brother Adam make all their items using heated iron that is subsequently forged, bent and formed hot. The brothers draw inspiration for patterns from old masters and ethnographic collections at the Musem of Podlasie in Białystok.  Since 2006, Marek has been a member of the Folk Artists’ Association. He has also won many awards at local expos and fairs. In 2012, he was a recipient of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarship.


www: Kuźnia Ferrum Art

e-mail: ferrumart2010@gmail.com

phone: +48 508290671, +48 85 7196133, +48 85 7196448