Małgorzata Mateja

Ceramics and pottery, Painting

Małgorzata Mateja cultivates Opole traditions. The region’s characteristic floral patterns appear in two seemingly very different forms of craft – pysanki making and painting on porcelain. The idea of transferring patterns characteristic for Opole “kroszonka” Easter eggs decorated by hand engraving to porcelaim appeared in the 1960s and is continued until today.

Małgorzata combines both traditions. She learned to make kroszonki eggs at home, and from 1983 she has been paiting porcelain for Cepelia cooperatives.  She decorates the porcelain is with a nib and special ceramic paints.
She applies traditional patterns on glass baubles. For her works, she has received awards, including from the Marshall of the Opolskie voivodeship, She’s been a member of Folk Artists’ Association since 1994.

The ability to hand paint Opole patterns was entered into the Polish Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2019.


e-mail: matejaporcelana@poczta.fm

phone: +48 606499880