Jana Michalková


Jana Michalková –  born in 1969 in  Humennem,  Slovakia. She is a graduate of school of chemical industry.  She has been painting on glass since 1987 and is self-taught. Her work focuses on themes presenting village life, folklore and piety.  Her work features both old village architecture, genre scenes and representations of the holy Mother with Chils or  figures of patron saints. She currently lives and works in  Jasenove.

 Jana  is a member of  Ústredia ľudovej umeleckej výroby (ÚĽUV)  in Bratyslava. In the years 2007-2008, 2010 and 2012 she took part in international artistic plein-airs INSITA organized by  Vihorlatské osvetové stredisko v Humennem.  She has taken part in many fairs and exhibitions, both in Slovakia and abroad. In June 2013 in Humenne, she had her own individual exhibition entitled “Maľovanie v génoch”.