Halyna and Mykhailo Trushyk

Embroidery and Lacework, Ceramics and pottery

A married couple of folk artists who specialise predominantly in Hutsul ceramics, as well as embroidery and traditional imprints.

Mykhailo  has been making ceramics since 1980, when he graduated from the school of folk art in Kossiv, and Halyna has been working since 1986.  Both are members of the National Folk Artists’ Association of Ukraine. They have both received the medal “Distinguished Folk Artist”.  On top of that, Mykhailo is the chairman of the Kossive Office of the Association.

They make various forms of ceramic dishes, candle holders as well as tiles, all beautifully decorated  with very traditional patterns.  Halyna  embroiders beautiful sorochka –  male, female and children’s shirts.

They have taken part in over thirty international, national and regional exhibitions (for instance in Kiev, Lviv, Warsaw, Węgorzew, Częstochowa and others).