Grzegorz Gordat

Plaiting techniques

Grzegorz Gordat  was born in Kozienice but lives in Borek.  He has been plaiting since 2002.  His uncle, a traditional basket-maker, got him interested in the craft. At the beginning, Grzegorz brought his uncle wicker from the river and observed his work, but gradually began to learn braiding himself.  His uncle learned the craft from his family, the knowledge was passed on from generation to generation. Grzegorz makes his products using the cross-ribbed technique. His products are household baskets of various shapes and sizes, flower baskets, decorative baskets and Easter baskets, fences, trays for fruit and even baskets for carrying pigeons. He is mainly interested in traditional patterns that he sometimes tries to modernise to adapt to market demands and requirements.   He gained the qualifications to teach wickerwork at a specialist course in “Akademia Łucznica” Association, where he currently teaches. He is a member of Folk Artists’ Association. He’s also an instructor at the Municipal Cultural Centre in Dęblin. He makes traditional baskets characteristic for Radom, Kozienice and Powiśle regions.

In 2018, plaiting in Poland was entered into the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

e-mail: gordatgrzegorz@wp.pl

phone: +48 505491974