Etnopapuošalai Baltiška Juvelyrika

Smithery and metalwork

Etnopapuošalai (Karolina Buivydaitė, Deividas Zaikovskis, Domas Burnickis) specialises in jewellery modelled after ornaments once popular in the Baltic region (Lithuania, Latvia, Poland).  Over time, the passion of the group members has transformed into a professional activity, and they are proud to hold a certificate granted to national heritage products in Lithuania. The brass elements of jewellery are made using the lost-wax casting. They also use glass ad amber.  Karolina  is a member of the Vilnius’ branch of the Lithuanian Association of Folk Arts and (just like Deividas and Domas) is a member of the club “Dvaro Meistrai”. The artists have received many awards, including at
Tautų mugė.



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