Anna Staniszewska

Embroidery and Lacework, Ritual Art

Anna has been exposed to traditional crafts from early childhood thanks to her grandmother and mother. Her specialty is hand embroidery, cross stitch and bead embroidery.  She comes from Łowicz, a region rich in tradtions: colourful garments, embroidery, ritual art, dialect. Anna makes embroidery that decorates traditional dress, such as Łowicz costumes made of   traditional wool.  Her most frequently used motifs are bouquets of colourful flowers made with flat embroidery. Bead embroidery is made of beads arranged in belts and floral motifs. Anna also makes and decorates costumes from other regions of Poland. On top of that, Anna also makes Łowicz cut-outs with finely cut patterns  – roosters, kodra  and mesh cut-outs.

Anna Staniszewska is a member of Folk Artists’ Association and a winner of many awards, including the Annial Awards of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2008, the Order for “Service to Folk Culture”