18 July 2017

The Jagiellonian Fair 12-15 August 2017

The Jagiellonian Fair is a four-day celebration of traditional culture. The Old Town in Lublin will gather together carefully selected folk art and crafts by artists from Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary, Belarus and Lithuania who cultivate local traditions in their work.

The main theme of this year’s Jagiellonian Fair are pysanky – various techniques and patterns for decorating eggs. Join us for the Summer School of Pysanky and thematic exhibitions showcasing, among others, pysanky from various corners of Ukraine kept in the collections of the National Centre for Folk Culture “Ivan Honchar’s Museum” (Kiev, Ukraine) or Daria Alioshkina’s  wonderful pysanky and pysanky symbolism-inspired cut-outs.

The programme of the Jagiellonian Fair puts emphasis on the diversity of cultures that even back in the days of the Jagiellonian Dynasty enriched the city and represented its international strength. We are also holding a special concert, re:tradition that gathers together famous Polish musicians and master of traditional music. We are going to see, among others, Kayah and Teresa Mirga with Kale Bala, Michał Urbaniak and Kapela Romana Wojciechowskiego, Antoni „Ziut” Gralak and Orkiestra Dęta ze Zdziłowic. The festival’s concert programme also includes the legendary band Taraf de Haïdouks whose music,  predominantly focused on accordions, cimbaloms and the violins, sweeps everyone off to dance and Radio Cos from Spain who performs Galician music.

During the Fair, we are also going to take part in the much loved nighttime dance parties with live music performed by The Jagiellonian Fair Orchestra, Kapela Jana Fokta, Chłopcy z Nowoszyszek, Wędrowiec or Kapela Lipców z Wygnanowa.

We are also holding workshops on folk arts and crafts, dance workshops conducted by Piotr Zgorzelski or workshops focused on wild edible plants conducted by an ethnobotanist Karol Szurdak. The wonder-filled Jagiellonian Fair Playground invites entire families to intergenerational journey across traditional games and activities. We will take part in special themed tours, listen to stories about old Lublin and see such exhibitions as The Era of Fairs.

Join us!