19 June 2020

Songs of herbs

 As you know, this year The Jagiellonian Fair focuses on herbs. We want to show you that these special plants are not just an important element of nature, but also culture. They are used as motifs in traditional crafts and visual arts, beliefs and songs. And it is on this last topic that we will focus this time. We have asked Ania Broda, who uses traditional music in her work, to present interpretations of old songs that talk about plants.

In our first meeting, Ania Broda will tell you about  the cherry tree. Do you only associate it with delicious fruit? From now on you will know that its symbolism and uses are very wide. Transient beauty, maturity, love, unfulfillment. And under the cherry tree sits a girl who is yearning for her lover.  Listen with us!

Continuing with our floral and herbal music themes, we will get acquainted with lavender, Ania Broda, her cat and the hurdy-gurdy. The song we will hear is a wedding song, whose variants are popular in many corners of Poland. Polish folklore features wreaths of rue, periwinkle, rose and lily but also lavender! The song talks about a moment before the oczepiny ceremony, when the wreath was taken off the bride’s head.  The girl symbolically rolls a wreath around the table and wants to pass it on to her mother, father and other family members. But none of them want to accept it. It is only when she turns the lavender wreath towards her Beloved that the story finds a happy ending.


When: Fridays (19 June, 26 June, 3 July, 10 July, 17 July, 24 July) at 14.00

Where: The Jagiellonian Fair Facebook

For whom: For everyone


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