22 January 2020

Find out the date and the main theme of The Jagiellonian Fair 2020!

This year, the largest festival of folk art and culture in Poland – The Jagiellonian Fair in Lublin- takes place between 21-23 August 2020. The main theme of the 14th edition of the festival is herbalism.

 Each year, The Jagiellonian Fair has a new main theme, which becomes the foundation of the programme. In 2020 we are focusing on herbalism. Herbs have always been a part of man’s life, not only owing to their medical properties but also their economic and ritual functions and as foodstuffs. To recall the significance and wide use of plants and their rich and varied symbolism, we have dedicated this edition of the festival to them.
This theme will appear in the Handicrafts Fair, workshops, and performances. The much-expected pająk displayed in Krakowska Gate during the Fair will also refer to herbs. A great opportunity to delve into herbalism will be the Summer School of Tradition, thanks to which everyone interested will get acquainted with various applications of herbs under the guidance of specialists. We assure you that the programme for the youngest participants of the Fair will also smell of mint, lemon balm and chamomile!
Soon, we will start announcing the attractions of the upcoming Fair. In the meantime, don’t forget to mark the date of The Jagiellonian Fair in your calendars.
The Jagiellonian Fair
21-23 August 2020
Old Town and Błonia in Lublin
free admission