Zedel / Gromadzka / Rosik

Katarzyna Zedel –  an enthusiast od traditional music, a musician and dancer. The student of many village musicians from Radom and Lublin region. She plays the violin or drums and is part of bands consisting of both village masters and peers. She’s also involved in educating children and teen in traditional music.

Wiesława Gromadzka – the only woman playing the three-row pedal accordion in the Radom region and she is also the most active musician and singer.

Katarzyna Rosik – plays the drum, dances, sings. She draws the knowledge of traditional music from music meetings in villages and filed research. She mainly focuses on the music culture of the kajocy microregion (Radom region). She has been learning to play the drums among others from Stefan Gaca and Józef Lipiński and using archival recordings.