Wesele – a play by Teatr Makata

Wedding is a play inspired by field research conducted by Teatr Makata Association and the band Swoją Drogą in various regions of Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia. The play is based on the wedding rite – accompanying songs, dances and customs. However, it goes beyond a simple reconstruction of the rite and becomes a universal tale about a man and a woman. Wedding is an open form, in which the viewer becomes a part of the show: follows the entourage, takes part in the singing and dancing and becomes a guest at the wedding. The play explores the wedding, the ritual joining of man and woman. “Wedding” is based on traditional music themes and the structure of a rite of passages, with a touch of irony, absurd and kitsch. The actors create music life – they play the instruments and sing.
19.08 | 16.00-17.00 | Po Farze Square