Kapela Dudziarska Manugi from Bukówiec Górny

The bagpipe folk band Manugi have been active for 40 years. Their music accompanies the dance performances of regional dance ensembles from Bukówiec, weddings, parties and soirees. The band’s repertoire consists of mostly traditional tunes – obereks, polkas, walcerek, przodek, wiwat and figure dances, peppered with the music of bagpipe and bound-up violin and singing (folk ditties) from the region of Bukówiec Górny. Fascinated and inspired by music and traditions of other regions, they are happy to try new sounds, and their line-up is often extended with sekund violin, drum or double bass.

19.08 | 22.00-2.30/3.00 | The Jagiellonian Fair Dance Party, Square in front of the former Andersen Theatre