Handicrafts Fair

Folk artists from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary and, for the first time, Sweden and Bulgaria, will present their handicrafts. At their stalls, the artists will run open demonstrations and workshops, the hen – the symbol of the Jagiellonian Fair will be located centrally in po Farze Square, and the streets will resound with music. We will hear, among others, Kapela Timingeriu, Teatr Makata, the band of Zdzisław Marczuk from Zakalinki, Kapela Dudziarska (Bagpipe Band) Manugi from Bukówiec Górny, Kapela Biskupianie z Domachowa i Okolic (Biskupianie Ensemble from Domachowo and the area), Kapela z Jarosławia i Okolic (Folkloric Ensemble from Jarosław and the area, Kapela Diabubu, the Jagiellonian Fair Orchestra) – they will take us on a journey to the world of traditional music and dance.

17.08 | 11.00-18.00

8-19.08 | 10.00-18.00

Old Town

*various languages*