Cimbalom came to us! The music of Subcarpathia – an interactive concert for children – Mozaika group

Cimbalom – as an instrument with a beautiful sound and age-long tradition will be our guide around the nooks and crannies of Polish traditional music. Drawing from the live performances of our guests who work with Subcarpathian music on a daily basis, we will discover the exhilarating music and dance traditions and diverse sounds of this region. The musicians will familiarize us with traditional melodies and instruments, while at the same time creating a traditional dance party. We can assure you, after this no one will ever mistake cimbalom for bells! We will also get acquainted with traditional Subcarpathian dances, experiences the power of natural singing and… go on a musical walk in Bieszczady! The meeting take an open form, which will give the children an opportunity to experience what was a traditional party like and discover the power of local folklore.

violin: Szczepan Maziarek

cimbalom: Łukasz Słotwiński

baraban and host: Karolina Ociepka

17.08 | 16.00-17.00 | Błonia

ages 4-9