Breton dances workshop

Join us in a spinning, trance circle which sweeps off their feet everyone seeking contact with another person. In this circle, no one remains anonymous, and the repeated pattern of steps and movements of joined hands gives a sense of community and natural bonds.  Britannia (a Celtic region in western France) has preserved the tradition of communal dancing. The dances date back to several centuries. Thousands of Bretons meet every week in dozens of places at a festival called Fest Noz.  The workshop introduces the basic dances of Britannia Superior and Inferior, learn to coordinate movements and the problematic art of forming a uniform dance circle and most of all, it aims at making the participants feel connected and give the joy of selflessly spending time with others.
The topic: circle dances from Inferior and Superior Britannia

  • - gavotte des montagnes
  • - plinn
  • - hanter dro
  • - an dro
  • - cercle circassien
  • - Scottish
  • - rond de Landeda
  • - rond de Saint Vincent’s/Oust
  • - ridee 6
  • - laride 8

Clothing, shoes
Breton dances are quite lively and energetic. Light, comfortable clothing (1-2 layers), warm clothes are not recommended. Any shoes are ok – but preferably flats. E do not recommend ballet shoes or shoes with thin soles.
Instructor: Tomasz Kowalczyk, Romanist, runs AGencja Artystyczna which promotes the culture of the Celtic Britannia in Poland. Since 1997, he has been running Breton dance workshops in Poland. He has gained skills directly in Britannia during thematic workshops  (Centre Amzer Nevez – Ploemeur),  in dance circles in Pluneret and Lorient, by learning from dance teachers (including Jean Baron, Solenn Boennec) and at many fest-noz.