Around the Hen

While strolling along the streets of the Old Town on several occasions per day, we will come across a parade accompanying the march of the spectacular hen of the Jagiellonian Fair. Every meeting of this exuberant procession is an opportunity to see a show full of humour, acrobatics and juggling, all this performed by the reliable artists from Fundacja Sztukmistrze.  Qruestrina Trama from Spain will provide the music for this incredible parade. The band draw inspiration from the traditional music of the Pyrenees as well as Basque country, Aragón and Andora.  16.08 | 13.00-13.30, 15.00-15.30, 17.00-17.30, 19.00-19.30 | Po Farze Square

17.08 | 11.00-11.30, 13.00-13.30, 15.00-15.30, 19.00-19.30 | Po Farze Square
18.08 | 11.00-11.30, 13.00-13.30, 15.00-15.30, 19.30-20.00| Po Farze Square