3 July 2019

August in Lublin, August with tradition!

16-18 August 2019 

Old Town and Błonia in Lublin

A meeting with traditional culture, music and folk art. Plays and presentations, workshops and a playground full of games from before mobile phone era. All this awaits at the Jagiellonian Fair in Lublin. Between 16-18 August 2019 join us in Lublin’s Old Town.  

The Jagiellonian Fair is  an incredibly colourful event during which the city vibrates with the incredible energy of people from many corners of Europe. The festival invites folk artists and artisans from Poland, Ukaine, Slovakia, Belarus, Lithuania or Hungary.  They are not accidental but carefully selected, authentic creators who continue the family and regional traditions.

re:tradition with Dorota and Hernyk Miśkiewicz and Katarzyna Groniec

Among the most important points in the programme of the Jagiellonian Fair are concerts. Traditional music is presented both on the festival’s big stage, during nighttime dance parties and in the streets of the Old Town, among the artists’ stalls during the day. We will once again take part in the unique concert re: tradition. In this production of Workshops of Culture, popular Polish musicians perform a traditional repertoire together with village musicians. Until now, the concert brought together such artists as Wojtek Mazolewski and Kapela Jurka Wrony, Włodek Pawlik and Janina Chmiel with Kapela Butrynów, Barbara Wrońska and Anna Chuda or Kayah with Teresa Mirga.  For the time being, we can reveal only a part of this year’s line-up. In August at the Jagiellonian Fair we will see, among others, Dorota and Henryk Miśkiewicz with Janina Pydo with a band and Katarzyna Groniec with Zespół Śpiewaczy z Dobrowody (Singing ensemble from Dobrowoda). Soon we will announce more musical surprises.

The main theme of this year’s edition is beekeeping

The main theme of this year’s edition of the Jagiellonian Fair is beekeeping.  We will get better acquainted with bees that form an incredibly harmonious hierarchy in nature. Their life and work inspire contemporary and folk artists. Bee themes take up an important place in fables, beliefs or ritual songs.  We will, therefore, explore bees from many angles, also during the Summer School of Beekeeping. The four-day workshop will cover topics ranging from setting up an apiary, keeping bees, building specific kinds of hives as well as making products on the basis of ingredients obtained from the insects: pollens, royal jelly, wax or honey. Registrations will open soon.

A detailed programme is coming soon

The festival is an opportunity to get acquainted with traditional crafts and techniques, even more so because the artists run crafts presentations and workshops at their stalls. When we come to the fair, we have an opportunity to get acquainted with the construction of weaving looms and try to make our own runners. When meeting potters, touching clay and potter’s wheel is guaranteed, and you can see that braiding does not take only the form of wicker but also straw, cattails, pine root or corn leaves.

Families with children will find an extraordinary space at the Fair. It is called The Jagiellonian Fair Playground.  This space features many traditional games and folk toys that are bound to be a source of joy not just for children but also parents and grandparents, evoking memories of their childhood.

The Jagiellonian Fair consists of three intense days. The festival is addressed to families with children and individuals. It is directed to enthusiasts of art, crafts and music. The educational programme filled with workshops dedicated to singing, crafts, dance or instrument playing will satisfy broad ranges of audiences, even the most demanding ones.

Let’s meet in Lublin and discover all the colours of tradition together.

Let’s get to know beautiful things.

The festival’s programme will soon be available at en.jarmakjagiellonski.pl