Warszawska Orkiestra Sentymentalna

Warszawska Orkiestra Sentymentalna (Eng. Warsaw Sentimental Orchestra) take delight in the taste of tunes of pre-war Polish revues and cabarets. Songs from the repertoires of Adam Aston, Wiera Gran or Mieczysław Fogg, arrangements by Henryk Wars and Rostworowski, performances by Gold’s, Petersburski’s, Karasiński’s and Kataszek’s orchestras continue to inspire us. Moving waltzes, passionate tangoes,  lively polkas, thrilling foxtrots, rumbas and slow foxtrots – they pick the best things from the rich selections of stage and screen music of the 1920s and post-war period and perform them, keeping the style and universal charm of these tunes, while adding to them a touch of contemporary musical sensitivity.

We debuted at “The New Tradition” Polish Radio Folk Festival in 2015 and a year later, thanks to the support of fans on the crowdfunding platform odpalprojekt.pl and the help of Polish Radio 2, we released out debut album, “Umówmy się na dziś”.

In May 2017, our debut release won the third prize in the Folk Phonogram of the Year Contest organized by Polish Radio 2 under “The New Tradition” festival. Another distinction we won in May was the “Wirtualne Gęśle” award – the netizens picked our album as the best folk album of the year 2016.

Because the dance repertoire of the interwar period  resembles a bottomless pit, we regularly explore it. This has resulted in our second album – “Tańcz mój złoty”. Its launch on 7 October 2017 took the form of a reception in Wilhelm Landau’s banking house at Senatorska 38 in Warsaw.

Our discography has been dynamically growing recently. Just two months after “Tańcz mój złoty”, on 10 December we released the Christmas-themed “Śpiewnik Kolędowy”. We tried to arrange and record our repertoire in a manner reminiscent old pre-war recording while also drawing from Polish traditional music. We want our carols to accompany shared carolling in families.

  • Gabriela Mościcka –vocal, accordion,
  • Lena Nowak – clarinet
  • Kazimierz Nitkiewicz – trumpet
  • Jakub Fedak – vibraphone
  • Krzysztof Baranowski – guitar, mandolin
  • Łukasz Owczynnikow – double bass
  • Mateusz Kowalski – percussion
  • Marcin Axis Żebrowski – mandolin, guitar

category Jagiellonian Fair Dance Party