Kapela Wowakin

Photo: Czarli Bajka

The trio WoWaKin  was established in 2016. The band’s specialty is traditional music fusing folk sounds with modern arrangements. It’s an energetic mix based on traditional folk  (to find inspiration for their repertoire, the musicians travel to villages and learn from older village musicians and singers) but they are also strongly rooted in modernity.  Their approach to music is characterized by ease, improvisation and performative bravado. On stage, the artists run a musical dialogue while having fun and enchanting the audiences with their naturalness and honesty. WoWaKin Trio’s music has tremendous dance energy, that’s why their concerts are perfect for dancing as they sweep everyone along into obereks, polkas, mazurkas and kujawiaks. The band consists of three members: Mateusz Wachowiak, Paula Kinaszewska and Bartłomiej Woźniak. Among the many awards and recognitions, the band took 3rd place in “The New Tradition” and “Mikołajki Folkowe” contests; they’ve also performed at Womex’17 in Katowice. In 2017, the Trio WoWaKin released their debut album “Kraj za miastem”: it’s an album for dancing and listening to!

This music has the power of punk rock and the expressiveness of free jazz, it is as distinctive as Balkan brass bands, full of charm and lacking pretense, like no pop music nowadays can provide. There is no doubt that this music comes from the heart. It’s the band’s truth about what they want to say. It’s not pretentious or trained, just a heartfelt message.

Tomasz Janas
Member of the jury for The New Tradition 2016

category Jagiellonian Fair Dance Party