Photo: Piotr Spigiel

Kapela Timingeriu is a family band established to answer the call for a natural need to experience music in a specific time, setting and context. For Timingeriu, music making is an opportunity to meet; it is an open and constantly evolving thing. They perform lively, catchy interpretations of  Gypsy, Balkan and Jewish music that snatches everyone to dance. Thus, they create an atmosphere of unrestrained fun and an opportunity to meet. The beginnings of the group date back to a musical expedition to Romania in 2009. Since then, the band expanded to include more enthusiasts of musical adventures, travelling with instruments all over Poland and abroad – hitchhiking, on bikes, boats or by car. The band are comfortable in nearly every type of concert setting: big outdoor stages, small stages as well as during theatre plays and circus shows. Cabarets and other unique cultural events.  They performed, among others, at:  Pannonica Folk Festival in Barcice upon Poprad, Carnaval Sztukmistrzów in Lublin, Łódź of Four Cultures Festival, Busker Bus Festival in Wrocławm in Wrocław-based Radio Ram or at Schaubuden Sommer in Dresden or Christmas markets in Potsdam or Berlin.

Kapela Timingeriu  consists of versatile artists affiliated with both alternative scene (Małe Instrumenty, Sutari), jazz ( Jazz Music Department at the Academy of Music in Wrocław) and theatre ( Gardzienice Theatre, Pieśń Kozła Theatre)


  • Katarzyna Kapela Timingeriu –  violin, vocal
  • Jacek Timingeriu – accordion, vocal
  • Ewa Timingeriu – clarinet, vocal
  • Jakub Kurek – trumpet
  • Jędrzej Kuziela – percussion instruments
  • Mikołaj Nowicki – double bass
  • Mateusz Rybicki – clarinet

The band’s debut album, Radio Rom, was released in March 2015. It is a record of the concert in the Wrocław-based Radio Ram. The band’s first studio album is set to launch in spring 2018.