Teatr Makata

An independent group of professional actors and musicians who present specific plays in cooperation with cultural institutions and associations (among them Mazovia Region Centre of Culture and Arts in Warsaw, PAH, Teatr Klinika Lalek in Wolimierz, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs RP, Students’ Union of the University of Warsaw, Dom Kultury at Smolna in Warsaw,  Lviv Academic Theatre Voskresinnia, Mauna Kea Theatre in Żilina (Slovakia), Tulikansa Theatre Finland etc.).

Teatr MAKATA  was established in 1995. Since the beginning, the group focuses on exploring the limits of theatre, placing their plays in experimental sites, such as urban and village settings. They do not shun forms that border with theatre, such as happenings and visual arts. They blend most of their plays with live music. Thus far, they have worked with:  Mazzoll, Kinior, Tymon Tranzistors, Makaruk, Zespół Swoją Drogą, Sebastian Maliszewski (Kochankowie Gwiezdnych Przestrzeni), Zespół Strych, Alek Korecki, Samuel Redlin (Park Nordycki), Marek Stępień, Robert Usewicz, among others.

The theatre’s work is focused on rituals and how they affect humans in communities and on direct involvement of the audience in the plays. These ideas were developed in the play “Sena”, “Przebudzenie” inspired by Dante’s “Divine Comedy”. The artist’s destroyed the academic vision of theatre by depriing the viewers of the sense of sight, thus turning them into actors, direct participants who, like Dante, travel to hell, purgatory and heaven.

The work on rituals continued with the outdoor play “Rozhowory”,  created in coopoeration with musicians from the band “Swoja Drogą” and Ewa Wróbel from Goście z Nizim and Werchowyna. The play was a result of explorations and of a return to the pre-Slavic roots. Their work was inspired by old descriptions of rituals of the equinox and solstice.  A turning point were hiking trips to Slavic mountains and villages and music and theatre explorations in Kurpie, Zamość region and northern Mazovia.

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