Okolicznościowy Teatrzyk Rodzinny

Photo: Urszula Fussek

Members: Ania Broda, Joanna Szaflik, Marta Urban-Burdalska, Gabrysia Burdalska, Filip and Adam Burdalski, Robert Burdalski.

Teatrzyk was established out of a need to work creatively with own children, aunt from Poznań and a neighbour from Olsztyn’s Zatorze. It takes the form of an interactive meeting with children, joint singing and play using traditional tunes, count-out games, and children’s games, particularly from Suwałki, Warmia and Mazury.

Marta Urban Burdalska

A psychologist, coach at the Polish Psychological Society, an enthusiast of traditional music. She came up with the idea of workshops for children taking place at this year’s Fair.  She works with children and adults at an elementary school in Olsztyn. For 17 years in collaboration with Stowarzyszenie Krusznia, “Muzyka Kresów” foundation, Stworzyszenie Dom Tańca , Stowarzyszenie Tratwa she has been conducting various educational, animation and artistic projects and activities focused on the music traditions of Poland.  A holder of the scholarship granted by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. She was a member of Podróżniczy Kolektyw Skrzypcowy, (Eng. “The Travelling Violin Collective”),  a project gathering practitioners and researchers of Polish traditional music. The front woman of Muzyka jest Nieskończona group (Music is infinite).  A mom of three kids aged 5,7, and 9. Traditional music and culture are an opportunity for her to meet big and small people in an unusual, extraordinary way.

Joanna Szaflik 

she has been learning traditional music since early childhood. Her grandmother and mother taught her. She has been singing traditional songs since 2004, learning them from masters of both the old and young generation and also looks for inspiration in archival recordings. A member of the collective Przodki, where she sings, plays the bass, runs tradtional dance and singing workshops and animation. A member of the association Dom Tańca. She works with Dom Tańca Poznań and Fundacha Dudziarz EU. Since 2014, she has been mostly involved in the music of Greater Poland and Sieradz Land, running field research in search of masters of traditional music and their repertoire  and studying archival recordings. She’s a psychologist, coach and grupu instructor, which is the foundation of workshop work. She was a student of post-graduate ethnomusicology degree (Music Institute, University of Warsaw). She currently works with pre-school, early school and teenage groups in Biskupizna, where she teaches singing. She is also working on an album featuring children’s folklore.

Ania Broda 

Singer, cimbalom player, composer, lyricist, producer. A vocalist gifted with a unique voice, sings in the “white voice” technique.

Lyricist, composer, arranger. She makes totally unpredictable music  of dreams and impressions. Her music is characterised by diverse forms and unpredictable style. She has a great time playing with the deep tone of her voice, the power of words, the magic of unapparent melodies. In the Polish music market, she is one of a kind and completely magical.