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With a solid background acquired at the Fest Noz festivals, these four bandmates lay out their vision of trance with danceable music open to the world; Youn Kamm gives his trumpet-playing an eastern flair, from Lebanon
and Turkey. Yann Le Corre has imbued his playing with Brazilian forrò. Jérôme Kerihuel has perfected his percussion technique in India. As for Timothée Le Bour, his saxophone resonates like a Romanian taragot.
With circle dancing at its core, popular world music as its horizon, and improvisation as its line of flight, ‘Ndiaz comes out with hybrid music that knows no borders, one that must have sought elsewhere to find its means
for taking root here. With the album Son’Rod, the band extends its musical refinement further into new regions of feeling with wider-ranging compositions, intense lights, twirling sounds, tribal spirits, urban energy … a beautiful way get hopping! The record is an anthem to shaking up geography! It pays tribute to constantly-moving musicians who easily bloom in different musical contexts. Their live act clears out a space for dancing,
fed with the musicians’ desire to keep it spreading, to nuance it, sublimate it, to thereby evoke a need in the listeners to follow the path … to trace its route.

Youn Kamm
trumpet, bugle, saxhorn
A true musical renaissance man, trance music was first instilled in him by dancing on Saturday evenings to Pevar Den and Alambig Electrik. He has done original sound experimentation by combining traditional music and contemporary research (Trafic Sonore by François Robin Experiment). Along with his fellow bombard players, he understands the intimacy of a couple of traditional pipers. He played alongside with Jean-Louis Le Vallégant, with the masterpieces of «Confidences Sonores» and was a diligent student under Erik Marchand as part of the Kreiz Breizh Akademi # 3. He has been playing multiple instruments along with the eastern trumpet virtuoso
Ibrahim Maalouf for seven years. Since 2016 he has led a namesake big band project : Youn Kamm et le Bagad du Bout du Monde.

Yann Le Corre
accordeon, Fx
He has developed his musical universe over the course of his 15 years on stage at one festival after another, notably in the group Karma, which he created and served as its tireless planner, and alongside artists such as Patrick Molard, Jean Louis Le Vallégant («Confidences Sonores»), Frédérique Lory, Fred Boudineau (Fred Combo), Erik Marchand (Kreiz Breizh Akademi #3). It was upon meeting with the accordion virtuoso Daniel Mille, as he was playing away on the benches of the Arpège school in Paris, that his desire to associate Breton music with improvisation was sealed. He is currently playing in the Brazilian trio Bel Air de Forrò and a part of a duo with the singer Faustine Audebert.

Timothée Le Bour
He has been playing at festoù noz festivals since a very early age. He quickly discovered other popular cultures in Europe and was inspired by them. His curio study with 2 great saxophone and taragot masters, Costica Olan and Dany Iova. In 2010, he joined the Kreiz Breizh Akademi #3 collective led by Erik Marchand. He also joined the Rambalh group, a collective of about thirty artists that brings together musicians from such bands as : La Mal Coiffée, Du Bartàs, Les Têtes Raides, … Since 2013, he has been a member of the band Charkha, led by Gurvant Le Gac and in 2017 he founded the band Chadenn from compositions by the duo Le Bour-Bodros.

Jérôme Kerihuel
Since 1995, he has collaborated on stage or in the recording studio with Naab, Manu Fernandez, Jean Louis Le Vallégant, Mukta, Dan Ar Braz, Jean-Baptiste Ferré (National Orchestra of Barbès) and Alpha Blondy.
He composes music for theater, television and websites. Since 1997, he has gone to India regularly (Jaipur gharana in Rajasthan) improve and practice his tabla-playing. There, he follows the teachings of the great percussion
master Pandit Girdhari Maharaj. He is currently playing in a duo with Didier Squiban, Gilles Servat and the band Pevarlamm.