Kapela Jurka Wrony

Kapela Jurka Wrony (Jurek Wrona’s band) was established in 2017 by the Municipial Cultural Centre in Kolbuszowa. The band is fronted by the distinguished folk clarinettist Jurek Wrona – trained and skillful musician. He continues the traditions of his family. For over 30 years, he has performed with the renowed Lasowiak musician Władysław Pogoda, which undoubtedly makes him the best continuator of the work of the authentic musician (Owho has died recently at the age of 98), a self-taught folk fiddler. Owing to his technical skills, he has been invited to perform in the best bands, which has allowed him to get acquainted with the best musicians. The band was created on the leader’s initiative; there was a need to record an album with the clarinettist’s name on it. MNo sooner had they had their first rehearsal that a unique bond, based on mutual respect and understanding of the music they play, formed among the members. The members of the band, the renowend prym violinist Kazimierz Marcinek, sekund* violinist Wiesław Malec and the bassist Zdzisław Ziarkewicz can be described in much the same way as the front man – exceptional talent, family traditions and collaboration with the best). They all know their place in the band and each of them is the best in their field. It seems that the band members sought one another for a long time in order to finally find their place in a band, in which they feel great and understand one another without words. On their debut at the 52nd Festival of Folk Bands and Singers in Kazimierz Dolny, they took the first place, just like during their debut at the XV International Carpathians Folk Festival in Trzcinica 2018, where they also took the first place.

Members: Jerzy Wrona – clarinet, Kazimierz Marcinek – prym violin, Wiesław Malec – sekund violin, Zdzisław Ziarkiewicz – double bass.

– First place at the 5th Festival of Live Music for Twelve Strings and Three Bows – May 2018
– First place at the 52 Festival of Folk Bands and Singers in Kazimierz Dolny – June 2018

They have also released an album entitled “Jurek Wrona z Kapelą”.

*lead violin (prym), several second violins (sekund) -playing lower harmonies or two-string chords.

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17.08.2018 19:30

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