Kapela Gołoborze

The band play music passed on to them by the last village masters, dear friends. People who used to be famous in the past. They were mentors and guides, no village rituals could take place without them. Their ecstatic, improvised mazurkas drew dancers into a trance.

The band’s members value this heritage and try to restore their music to its place in society. They want to bring it back to the village, which rejected it out of shame and show it in the city. They use self-made instruments. They try to present pure, authentic music in the same way we heard it played by our village masters, without adding any dubious values of their own.

Currently, they are focusing on the basin of the Prosna river. It’s a micro-region in Greater Poland that had wonderful village music. This archaic music isn’t always pretty. That’s why Gołoborze frequently play disagreeable tunes that aren’t catchy but are all the more intriguing for it.  “You need to crack them to find the flavor within”.


  • Mateusz Raszewski /violin
  • Marcin Małecki / bass
  • Piotr Rogaliński / drums

category Jagiellonian Fair Dance Party