Kapela Butrynów

Photo: Małgorzata Miłkowska

A family band playing music from the Janów region and west Roztocze. They are self-taught, play by ear and follow the local style. They play the suka (a bowed string instrument), violin, bass ad drums. In the 90s, the leader of the band reconstructed the Bilgoraj suka and recreated playing it. Through educational and popularising activities, the group have been for years striving to revive and reintroduce the suka to music. Aside from folk ballads, lullabies, orphan or beggars’ songs, the band’s repertoire also includes obereks, krowiarze, podróżniaki (ride tunes) and polkas picked up from village muscians from Janów Lubelski.

 16.08 | 22.00-2.30/3.00 | The Jagiellonian Fair Dance Party | Dominikański Square