kapela Braci Pańczaków feat. Adam Tarnowski

Photo: M.Nawrocka

Kapela Braci Pańczaków (Pańczak Brothers Band) has been around since 2006. The band consists of two brothers: Czesław (accordion) and Józef (Baraban). For many years, the Pańczak brothers performed with Jan Gaca (died in 2013), an outstanding violinist and after his death, with the violinists Piotr Gaca and Jan Kmita and the singer Maria Siwiec. Currently, they perform with the violinist Adam Tarnowski.

Their repertoire includes obereks, polkas and most of all mazurkas, performed with a lot of energy and beat characteristic for central Poland – the vicinity of Przysucha, Rdzuchów and Przystałowice.

The band frequently perform together with the singing ensemble “Gołcunecki” at wedding rites festivals and reviews (Tarnogród, Zaborów).

The band’s most important achievements:

  • The Festival of Folk Bands and Singers in Kazimierz Dolny
    2011  – Baszta Award (members: Czesław Pańczak – accordion, Jan Gaca – violin, Józef Pańczak – baraban)
    2015  – 1st Place (members: Czesław Pańczak – accordion, Jan Kmita – violin, Józef Pańczak – baraban)
  • appearance at the 2nd International Multimedia Art Festival – OFFer in Nowy Sącz, 2010.
  • appearance at the International Chopin Festival in Gdańsk, 2010 – concert: Chopin – Sources, or piano and gusle
  •  appearances at Mazurkas of the World Festival in Warsaw – from 2010 to the latest edition in 2017.
  •  appearance and awards at Mazowiecki Przegląd Folkloru – Dni Kolbergowskie in Przysucha ( Kolberg Days in Przysucha) – from 2007 to 2017.