Joanna Skoworońska

Photo: Marta Derejczyk

Ethnologist, singer. For many years, she has been conducting field resarch in Poland and in Ukrainian Polesie, and since 2010 also in Lower Silesia. She records, documents and researches songs, which results in albums being released by Fundacja Ważka. She learns song mostly fromn village singers, but she has also taken part in workshops with renowened ethnomusicologists and folklorists from Poland and Central-East Europe. She researches the diversification of voice emission in traditional singing and the perception of songs by performers and recipients in contemporary world. She also looks at transformations of traditional rites. She is a part of Centrala Muzyki Tradycyjnej, the Lower Silesia iteration of “Little Kolberg” and “Kolberg’s Schools”. A holder of the scholarship granted by the Ministry of Culture. She is active and co-forms bands performing traditional music, both in raw, authentic forms and in more contemporary versions, ie. Znajome Królika, Pieśni Piękne (formerly Inicjatywa Sentymentalna), Kromorany – Wykluczeni (Oratorium Ziemi), Pieśni Odzyskane, Gliniane Pieśni, the band “Z Lasu”.

category Plays, movies, meetings, tales