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The music of the Middle Atlas has remained largely traditional because Tamazight language in the region is still limited to rural areas, That’s why members of the group, both women and men are dressed in traditional clothes and use traditional instruments characteristic for the region: drum, loutar (a three-stringed lute) and an instrument called violent. This music is very popular in Morocco and abroad.

One of the most famous groups is “Grupa Cherifa”, established by the singer Cherifa Guerssite who has given the band its name. The band is a tribute to Tamazight women. Pieces and songs performed by the band talk about everyday life, social issues, while at the same time highlight the value of community, tolerance and living together.

Traditional Berber music is a medium which reflects the traditions of this community, often through very metaphorical lyrics.

The group has always taken care to speak most of all about social issues, culture, identity, language,  fight against discrimination, violence. The band also sings about life, love, young people, women and at the same time they also promote the artistic heritage of Tamazight and the Middle Atlas.

 “Grupa Cherifa” have taken part in several national and international festival, released several albums and music videos.  The band currently consists of 7 members ( 3 women and 4 men), including several young artists who, along with older musicians, strive to keep Tamazight songs alive and pass them on.


The Moroccan “Grupa Cherifa” will present a traditional Tamazight stage show from the Middle Atlas, deprived of classic words or contemporary music. The colourful costumes of the dancers  will form an image reflecting the values of Moroccan society and especially the culture of the Tamazight people, characterized by colorfulness, brotherhood and tolerance. The show will take place outdoor to enable direct contact between the band and viewers.


In this show Grupa Cherifa will show one of the most important celebrations. It’s a traditional night-time show in which women and men form a circle around one of the newlyweds and at the centre stand children holding candles.

The music theme, songs and movements of the wedding guests highlight the extraordinary characters of this moment. The dance reaches its culminating point, when the women divide into two groups that stand opposite one another and give answers. In Tamazight culture, this moment is called Ahidous Islan and its form is very characteristic. This part ends with the separation of the pair of dancers who whirl around with grace and  lightness.

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19.08.2018 14:00

Cherifa band