Barbara Wrońska

Photo: Zosia Zija&Jacek Pióro

Barbara Wrońska, vocalist, composer, lyricist who fuses music of the 1960s with modernity and beat. She has been a member of the band Pustki for many years. One half of the sisterly duet “Ballady i romanse”. She composes and arranges music on her own.  After years of working in bands, she decided to present her original, solo project which she has also produced.  The first single promoting the album has had much success. The single is her personal statement.


“Nie czekaj” is a hit that presents the variety of sounds to be found on Barbara Wrońska’s first solo album and features a very strong nostalgia for the Polish song of the 1960s, perversely fused with modern sounds. The artist’s voice sounds different than elsewhere thus far.

“This song is my way to make a step forward”

Every track has a different mood and dynamics but they have one thing in common – all are infused with strong feelings. 1960s sounds blend with electronics, sometimes film scores, which results in a mind-blowing mixture. Wrońska sometimes sings passionately, other times  her voice takes on  powerful coldness.  One  this is certain: the album is a moving work, deliberate and thought out, but also very personal.  It’s difficult to describe the album in words- you need to listen to the whole tale.

During re:tradition, she will meet with Anna Chuda. 

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17.08.2018 19:30

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