Anna Chuda

Photo: Klaudiusz Chrostowski

Anna Chuda, one of the most recognizable, active folk artists from the Biskupizna microregion. She’s an outstanding folk singer, dancer and  storyteller. She has loved Biskupizna since early childhood. The previous generations passed on to her knowledge about Biskupizna’s customs and traditions and an impressive repertoire, consisting of hundreds of traditional songs and ditties. She is always happy to share this repertoire with others and does so on different occasions.  She works, among others, with local parishes on preparing orations for various celebrations, done in pure Biskupizna dialect. She supports the activities and initiatives of the local giovernment and ngos by creating scenarios for events, running workshops or offering consultation on the correct application of various elements of tradition (for instance folk costumes, patterns etc).

As one of the most important depositaries of cultural traditions of Biskupizna, she really values opportunites to pass her knowledge to younger generations. Usually, she does it free of charge, for instance by contributing to the rehearseals of children and teenage folkloric ensembles operating in Krobia commune – she expands their singing repertoire and teaches dances. She takes selected students to the National Festival of Folk Bands and Singers in Kazimierz Dolny to take part in the contest “Big-Small”

She is happy to take part in any activities that result in the promotion or reinforcement of Biskupizna’s folklore. Aside from purely tradition-focused activities, she supports folklore-inspired initiatives, such as fashion shows with clothes featuring elements of Biskupizna costumes or performances at concerts with the folk  band Dagadana.

For over forty  years, Anna Chuda has been affiliated with the Folcloric Ensemble from Domachowo and the area, and for 16 years she has been a member of its board. Running the artistic board, she is responsible for writing scenarios for performances and accurate representation of traditional elements. Together  with the band, she has given concerts all over the country at such events as the festival “Mazurkas of the world” in Warsaw, festivals in Rzeszów and Płock, Dudaski Tłusty Czwartek in Zakopane and abroad – in Germany, Hungary or Lithuania. Individually, she has also taken part in many festivals and concerts, winning many awards, for instance at the aforementioned festival in Kazimierz or Folk Musicians Contest in Kopanica.

For her tireless work for the cultivation and promotion of the Biskupizna heriatage, she has been awarded the title “Distinguished in service to Krobia Commune” in 2011. Currently, she is one of the pillars of this heritage, it is largely due to her work that this heritage remains so rich.

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