Agnieszka Ayşen Kaim

Agnieszka Aysen Kaim –  graduated in Turcology from the University of Warsaw, translator and orientalist and since 1997 a member of Studnia O. She specializes in Turkish, Persian and Arabic tales – a broadly defined oral tradition of the Middle East. Her storytelling repertoire includes, among others, “Perskie miniatury na słowo I instrument” (Persian Miniatures for words and instruments), “Opowieść o Drumulu Szalonym” (The Tale of Drumul the Wild) based on The Book of Dede Korkut. She has written a PhD dissertation on the art of the Turkish meddah ( Faculty of Oriental StudiesUniversity of Warsaw). She’s an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Southern Slavonic studies at the University of Łódź, where she teaches classes focused on the oriental influences in the culture of southern Slavs. She has coordinated many cultural projects on the national and international scale (including MYTHOS- My Traditional Heritage as part of Grundtvig 2010-1012). She’s a Turkish and English translator.