6 August 2018

Journeys in time – photography and more | The Jagiellonian Fair

Maciejówka cap, photography studio from a century ago and  guided tours – registrations begin for Jagiellonian Fair events with a limited number of places.  English-language tours do not require registration. Beautiful photos taken with an ancient camera, using noble photography techniques – such things can happen only during the Jagiellonian Fair. In po Farze square […]

26 July 2018

Melodies of Tradition

Natalia Kukulska, Paulina Przybysz, Barbara Wrońska and Wojtek Mazolewski –  this year, these singers will take on  traditional repertoire during re: tradition – a special project of Workshops of Culture produced for the Jagiellonian Fair (17-19 August 2018). We will also hear traditional music from Cyprus, Morocco, Norway, France, Mogolia, Bulgaria and folk tunes from […]

25 July 2018

Tradition in Freedom, Freedom in Tradition

Tradition in freedom, freedom in tradition” is a special programme within the Jagiellonian Fair (17-19 August 2018)  that will weave into the festival the theme of freedom presented in the context of traditional art and folk music. The first event in the special programme related to the celebrations of the centenary of Poland regaining independence […]

18 July 2018

Lace – the main theme of this year’s Jagiellonian Fair

The main theme of this year’s Jagiellonian Fair (17-19 August 2018) is lace. Traditional bobbin lace, tatting, crochet lace in all their forms will be presented at exhibitions, available for purchase at the Handicrafts Fair and you will be able to learn how to make them during various workshops. The organizers have taken great care […]

12 July 2018

The Jagiellonian Fair

From 17-19 August 2018, the Old Town in Lublin will fill up with traditional music, dance and handicrafts for the 12th time. Carefully selected crafts of artisans from Central-East Europe will delight all visitors who will not only be able to see the products of the artisans but also learn to make traditional patterns and items […]